Minnesota Eye Institute
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Minnesota Eye Institute

Visit us at the Minnesota Eye Institute for your eye care needs, including cataract surgery and Lasik vision correction. We are a comprehensive Ophthalmology Clinic located in Alexandria, Minnesota. We perform Cataract Surgery, Lasik Laser Vision Correction procedures and provide both medical and surgical treatment for eye disorders such as Glaucoma, Retinal problems, Dry Eye, and various other eye conditions. At our in house Ambulatory Surgery Center we treat a wide range of eye problems including Glaucoma and Cataracts, as well as perform Lasik Laser Vision correction.

Eye Conditions, Treatments & Procedures

  • Laser and Dropless Cataract Surgery
  • Glaucoma Treatment
  • Laser Vision Correction (Lasik)

Ambulatory Surgery Center

In our Ambulatory Surgery Center we provide same day surgical care for our patients. It’s a more convenient alternative for outpatient procedures compared with hospital based outpatient procedures. It’s also easier for us to schedule procedures and apply the quality control that is needed for our Ophthalmology Practice.

50,000+ Refractive Eye Surgeries

We take great pride in improving our patients' vision with LASIK Laser Vision Correction. Our state of the art VISX technology and one of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in Minnesota, Dr. Kent Carlson, make Minnesota Eye Institute truly your best choice for LASIK. We have one team, with one goal-improving your lifestyle. Over the past 20 years Dr Carlson has performed more than 30,000 refractive eye surgeries.